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We specialized in providing the best Home-schooling and
subject-oriented tutoring to IGCSE, A-Level, and IELTS.

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Virtual Academia@ (VA) is a PVT Limited Company offering premium educational consultancy services since 2014. We specialized in providing best Home-schooling and subject oriented tutoring to IGCSE, A-Level and IELTS. Our proven methodology and subject specialist tutors are available to help and support you throughout your studies. We are in fact first one to introduce Home-schooling with integrated digital platform using Top Learning management system (LMS) and Real-time virtual classroom. 

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In addition, interactive white board and message board to suit thrie needs and to help bridge any gaps in learning. In addition, we also provide individual subject tutoring for IGCSE and A-Levels.


Virtual Academia is a foundation that works in the best interest of students. We have taken several measures to ensure the accessibility of our help to every student that becomes a part of our system. One of the vital services of VIRTUAL ACADEMIA also includes that we are unremittingly available 24/7 round the clock without any hindrances like errors, lags, etc. Our services can be acquired regardless of what country a student resides and this makes VIRTUAL ACADEMIA an effective medium of E-learning across the globe.


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