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Good grades IGCSE | How to get good grades in IGCSE and O Levels 2023 – (All Secrets Revealed)

As O levels and IGCSE exams get in the offing, students despite having had their noses in their books the whole year, often feel stressed, burned out, and exhausted prior to the exam schedules. This panic can make students forget what they have learned.

But consider yourself lucky as we try to put the best foot forward to facilitate the students in various aspects. It is said the key to becoming an effective student is learning how to study smarter, not harder. So here are a few significant ways you can study smartly and get good grades in IGCSE and O levels.

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{NOTE: You must use a gadget either of your sibling or your parent to minimize the distractions caused by the social media applications. }

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How to get good grades in IGCSE and O Levels

Use sticky not WORK

Despite popular opinion, note-taking has not disappeared, it has been revolutionized and its significance in learning is relentless. Researchers found that if important information was contained in notes, it had a 34 percent chance of being remembered so writing notes of relevant information and lectures can make you an operative an active student thus

increasing the overallproductivity and efficiency.

More over It forces you to focus on the ongoing class asstudents have somewhat of a tendency to dose off into their own world if some part of a lecture either too easy or too hard for them to follow thus a habit of making notes makes you engaging.

Also make an habit of going through your notes as reviewing your notes before each study session will help you remember important subject matter learned during the day, and make sure your studying is targeted and effective.

{NOTE : Don’t make notes of every minute information in the book rather look for significant ones. }

How to Use Study tools in the right way?

Visualize subjects for better understanding makes your concepts stick into your find for a

longer duration as animations easily visualize and simplify anything no matter how complex it It further accounts in haste learning and Improve engagement towards specific topics like, plant nutrition and food tests which involves a bit of practicaloperation that student can not spectate thus watching the experiments on search engines can really be fruitful for students.

{NOTE : Watch animated videos on topics that include experiments so that it builds a strong visual learning }

How to Focus on a study to get good Grades

Firstly study in a brightly lit room setting up the right environment is your first step to effective study sessions. The type of light matters. Studying in a room with natural light sources good grades in IGCSE (e.g. near a window) does wonder on keeping you focused and alert, even in the afternoon.

Secondly try not to get too comfortable good grades in IGCSE as getting too comfortable is a recipe for drowsiness and its not something you would want when learning new concepts.

tips for get good grades

Thirdly evacuate all the distractions during studying by switching your phones to silent, especially with no social media notifications. Incase you need to study with a computer, make sure you close all your tabs relating to other websites and social media. The only web browser you are allowed to open is the one related to chapter you’reu learning about now.

Lastly remember to take regular study breaks, specifically a 10-15 min break after a 45-50 min study cycle. Many studies have shown that productivity increases when students take frequent breaks. It keeps you motivated and have something to look forward to, while giving your brain a quick rest. Go for a walk, do some chores, have a snack, or just to chill out and listen to music for a bit.

{NOTE : Don’t go for a hangout of a long duration it can break the rhythm of your study}

Avoid distractions

Everyone gets distracted by something. Maybe it’s the TV. Or maybe it’s your family. Or maybe it’s just too quiet. Some people actually study better with a little good grade igcse background noise. When you’re distracted while studying you lose your train of thought and are unable to focus good grades in IGCSE both of which will lead to good grade igcse very ineffective studying. Before you start studying, find a place where you won’t be disturbed or distracted. For some people, this is a quiet cubicle in the recesses of the library. For others, it is in a common area where there is little background noise.

Good grades

Set your Schedule to get good Grade

Successful students schedule specific times throughout the week when they are going to study – and then they stick with their schedule. Students who study sporadically and whimsically good grade igcse typically do not perform as well as students who have a set good grades in IGCSE study schedule. Even if you’re all caught up good grade igcse with your studies, creating a weekly routine, where you set aside a period of time a few days a week, good grades in IGCSE to review your courses will ensure you develop habits that will enable you to succeed in your education long term. In addition to it make a certain goal while studying as simply studying without direction is not effective. You need to know exactly what you need to accomplish during each study session. Before you start studying, set a study session goal that supports your overall academic goal.

{NOTE : example of a goal; memorizing 30 vocabulary words in order to ace the vocabulary section).

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