Virtual academia | REASONS CHOOSE VIRTUAL ACADEMIA | why virtual academia

Virtual academia | REASONS CHOOSE VIRTUAL ACADEMIA | why virtual academia


Parents are often worried about the preferences and choices when it comes to providing quality education to their children. Recent pandemic has also altered the way of acquiring education for students, thus enabling e-learning to prospect even further. A few years prior, the world saw around one million higher education students learning online. That number has now almost quadrupled.

Virtual Academia is an effective e-learning medium through which students from across the globe can acquire quality education on a relatively affordable fee structure. Our system is working progressively to ensure the stability of education for our students and paving an easier way of acing the international exams of O LEVELS, IGCSE and A-LEVELS.

Following reasons are putting an emphasize for, why your child should choose virtual academia as a medium to acquire quality education.

1. 24/7 support system

Virtual Academia is a foundation that works in the best interest of students. We have taken several measures to ensure the accessibility of our help to every student that becomes a part of our system. One of the vital services of VIRTUAL ACADEMIA also includes that we are unremittingly available 24/7 round the clock without any hindrances like errors, lags, etc. Our services can be acquired regardless of what country a student resides and this makes

VIRTUAL ACADEMIA an effective medium of E-learning across the globe.

2. Specialized staff

We have the most supportive and specialized tutors that are famous for being consistent towards providing a helping hand to students that they facilitate. Moreover, our teachers are highly approachable thus, students study in a very intellectual and friendly environment. In schools often, there is a certain faculty that dominates the other subjects for instance, a school being famous for providing commerce education, but VIRTUAL ACADEMIA provides an effective learning zone regardless of what subject a student wants to pursue. Our faculty of every subject is of top quality that makes us even a more reliable medium.

3. Recorded lectures

One of the biggest advantages of recorded lectures is being able to play it back at any time. You can listen to them on your gadgets. You can even fast-forward, rewind and run through it at your own pace. Reusing the audio-visual content of a lecture is very different to reading

lecture slides or other course content. Learning through videos, voice recognition, automatic corrections, and live exams is very fruitful way to study.

We have posted very informative lectures that keeps the students intact with the study. Moreover, lectures are assigned with a headline so that, students can access the desired topic of lecture when needed. Having recorded lectures also burden off students from having

lengthy notes and helps them to revise the desired topics gradually.

On the other hand, some students get annoyed with the slow pace of normal conversation. When they’re reviewing material, they want to do it hastily. Science students, in particular, tend to watch lecture capture videos at 1.5x or 2x playback speed. Thus our application also give students the control over how fast they can watch recorded lectures, making study more effective.

4. Assessments

The primary purpose of having assessments is to improve the learning of students thus, different online exams and assignments are uploaded on regular basis to keep the students intact with studies, these assessments are effectively administered to help the students learn and are used as a tool to provoke curiosity of the assessed, in turn motivating students to overcome their gaps. Our teachers design these assignments in a way that it creates a way to search for understanding which refines the concepts of students.

Moreover, these assessments are checked, e-mailed and then further graded on the basis of respective marking schemes to ensure the efficacy of learning.

5. Connecting globally

One of the things students admire the most about VIRTUAL ACADEMIA is that, they get to connect with students from all around the globe. When international students turn up in online sessions, they get to learn more and a broad perspective of intellect is achieved.

Our services are widely assessed, thus we have a significant range of versatile students. No matter what exactly the students are lacking in themselves, our specialized teachers put the best foot forward to ensure the effectiveness of e-learning.

6. App e-learning

There is an abundant amount of content, data and training materials in the e-learning app. This app is operated constructively by our specialized instructors, thereby, ensuring the safety and security of our student’s data.

Moreover, the app is updated regularly with new courses and specified data to keep the students aware of any new update. Furthermore, through this app you can easily communicate with your teachers regarding any query related to your assessments. Our teachers actively give a quick feedback to students regarding their queries, and also they update them about any new courses, exams or lessons, collectively the use of this app enables the students to study in a well organized manner and irrespective of having abundant papers and files piling over your rooms.

Moreover, the app also enable students to create and manage their own dashboards and can add/maintain their record/notes in it.

7. Cost Effective

Our complete A-LEVEL course is significantly cheaper than having your child study through a college or any other medium.

We ensure the grooming of students with respect to providing them with quality education, often students are admitted in colleges but on the contrary, they take several coaching to keep their grades bright. VIRTUAL ACADEMIA works in the best interest of the students and so does the parents to allow the students to pass out A-levels with exceedingly tremendous grades. Conclusively, our courses are more affordable as the students get a high-quality education at much lower cost. Not only does the tuition tend to be lower, but many additional expenses like, transportation costs, coaching and course materials are eliminated.

The arrival of the current pandemic forced the students to switch to online learning but, they are still administered by the institutions at the same fees. The Institution charges you additionally for extracurricular and other facilities, but students can no more access those facilities as they have switched to online. But here comes the VIRTUAL ACADEMIA that ensures the quality of education in respect to the affordability and effectiveness of cost.


Recently, a survey was conducted by the VIRTUAL ACADEMIA to see the response of students who have been a part of our system. And its pleasing to see that mostly the students considered our services of excellence.

Another positive aspect of this survey was that, we got to know that people who are familiar of our services are even sharing our program with their acquaintances. Most significantly, VIRTUAL ACADEMIA is a platform that is very transparent about the feedback it receives from the users. We believe that progress can only be achieved when the students and our system is collectively contributing towards the effectiveness of education and learning.



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