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Home VS Traditional Schooling | traditional schooling 2023 | virtual academia

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Homeschooling could be vital where you can choose your children to be under your complete supervision when they grow up, or to have knowledge about the things that are going to be essential best traditional schooling 2023and could prove beneficial in their lives, this is what homeschooling is. Parents choose to homeschool because they could be dissatisfied with the schooling system or because of the flexibility it provides along with many other benefits. You can choose your schedule whatever suits you best and your child instead of best traditional schooling 2023 traditional school timings.

Benefits Homeschooling provides:


Homeschooling can be shaped according to your child’s abilities which is not possible in schools where the children are taught together. As a parent, you know what qualities your child possesses because every child differs from the other and may have a different specialty.

best traditional schooling 2023 Being in charge of everything from schedule to classes can help you choose the best time for your child which is necessary.

The recognition that instead of just developing a child’s intellectual level, the moral development of a child is equally important. Rather than having this done in a traditional

school, homeschooling parents can play an influential role in the character-building of their child.

Purposeful learning

The subject your child is good at and is having no difficulty whatsoever best traditional schooling 2023 Traditional Schooling can be replaced with a subject that is hard for the child and requires much more time rather than just having repetitive lessons for the subject that the child is good at. This is where homeschooling comes in handy because you can utilize your time according to the requirements of your child.

traditional schooling

Homeschooling turns out to be even more useful because there are not several students to work on like in a traditional class, you can use that time on your child and use that saved time efficiently.


Parents can customize homeschooling as per the needs of their children. best traditional schooling 2023  If their child struggles in a particular subject, they can give more time to that subject. Likewise, if their child is good at a subject and finds it comparatively easy that subject can be skipped with a hard subject that the child struggles in. Another benefit customization brings is that the parents can choose what to teach children because they know what level their child is at. This helps them in getting rid of the traditional grade levels and parents can rather go for the levels they feel their child is comfortable at.

Mental Challenges

Through homeschooling, a child’s mental level can be checked better because the child is under the supervision of his parents. Every other day we go through the news about the bullying of children in schools which causes a great effect on the children’s mental health and can be overcome through homeschooling where parents can teach their children how they can avoid having stress, anxiety mental health issues, etc.

Physical Challenges

Time can be managed and utilized more on physical health because the physical health of a child is what matters the most. He should go out, have fun, play some games and have some entertainment. Similarly, parents should make sure that their child is having enough sleep and must have at least 8-10 hours of sleep to refresh himself so that he can start the next day even better.

Homeschooling: Money saver

Homeschooling lets us save a lot of money which we are supposed to spend on school uniforms, expensive school fees, bus fees and the icing on the cake is you do not have to spend your money on expensive tuitions as well. This saved money can be spent somewhere else where it is needed.

Liberty from school

Homeschooling means we are not bound to follow traditional school timings where the child has to get up early in the morning. Homeschooling can be done at any suitable time and it could be at night, in the morning or the afternoon whatever time suits best for the parents and their child.

Detriments of homeschooling

Home vs Tradation Schooling

Unavailability of resources

The possibility of unavailability of resources in homeschooling is one of the main disadvantages of homeschooling because it is highly likely that the relevant resources required might not be available at homes Traditional Schooling such as labs and equipment needed for chemistry and physics students.

Fewer friends

Homeschooling provides fewer opportunities in making friends outside of your family because the homeschooled children spend most of their time with their family members and do not get to make friends as compared to the children in the schools where they can be friends with anyone they want. Homeschooled children lose the Traditional Schooling opportunity of having to interact with their peers.

Parents’ inevitability of exhaustion

The inevitability of fatigue in parents is bound to happen when they are having the dual responsibility of a teacher as well as a parent because managing home along with schooling your child could be quite exhausting and challenging at the same time.

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